When the internet was created no one had any idea about its true potential. It was just created in order to share information across computers. After an introduction to social media, it has brought closer to people that time and distance have become irrelevant.

It’s almost more than a two-decade that social media went from an entertaining factor in one’s life to an integral part of every aspect of daily life  Social media was earlier was just created in order to interact and share information with people.

So in short social media refers to websites and applications that allow sharing content very quickly and in real-time. Nowadays most people use social media from their smartphones, it was developed as a computer-based technology. It uses the internet to share content publicly and also allows them to get engaged and respond to the content shared from any part of the world. And anyone connected on social media with you is from different parts of the world where we are not even planning to visit.

Now social media is not just a platform to communicate and transfer information but also has features in order to grow and develop businesses on large scale. It has now become a platform to educate and bring potential customers to the business.

Different types of social media are :


  1. Social Networks

Facebook and Twitter are the best examples of social networks. Those networks which specialize in connecting and exchanging ideas, thoughts, and content with other connected users who have similar taste and interest. In a professional context, Linkedin is also considered a social network where people of similar or desired profession connect and share content related to jobs and professional life.


  1. Media Network

Instagram and Youtube are the most used media network. Media networks allow users to share content in the form of videos and photographs. A user can like, dislike, comment, share, follow a particular page depending upon the interest and activity it shows on that particular platform. The new updates from a creator will be shown once a user will subscribe or follow the creator.

  1. Discussion network

A perfect example of a Discussion network will be Quora and Reddit. This type of social media network is highly recommended for users who want to have an in-depth discussion with other users.


  1. Review Networks

It is a platform or online place where people review a particular product or service. Sometimes some product and services have their own review page where you can give feedback. For food and restaurant, Zomato is the perfect example. For movies and entertainment industries, IMDB is the perfect example. Trip Advisor and Yelp are other review networks wherein they add to social media networks and help them to review a particular product or service.


  1. Bookmarks and content curator networks

Examples of bookmarks are Pinterest and Flipboard. Opting for such types of Social Media will help you find out, share, discuss, and save a variety of the latest content and media that are trending as well.

They are very helpful in channelizing brand awareness for your business, plus, choosing this one to run different types of Social Media Marketing campaigns will help you generate website traffic and customer engagement.



Social Media and Business

Social media earlier was just to share content and connect with people. Now social media have developed their own algorithms and have become an important part of marketing and serving businesses of all sizes. Social Media is the place where people like to spend most of the time, energy, and money. So why not start engaging and developing potential customers through social media. The key to successful social media is to not treat it like an extra appendage but to treat it with the same care, respect, and attention you do all of your marketing efforts.


Social Media as a Blessing

  • Social Media has made it easier to communicate with friends and families being in any part of the world in real-time. It has provided free messaging and calling through which people are able to connect to friends and families staying in different parts of the world. Also, it brings you closer to people you are communicating with.
  • It has provided a platform to create content, share ideas and thoughts in the form of photos, videos, blogs, etc. It also serves as a platform to interact and stay engaged on the internet.
  • It has become a huge opportunity for all kinds of businesses not only to get in touch with their customers but also to find new customers. Especially now Startups can market and advertise their products and services at a very low cost. As earlier for advertisement a company or business huge budgets in order to grab the attention of the customers. It also gives opportunities to understand its customer in detail.
  • There is an increase in the usage of the internet and social media every day. With the increase in such use of the internet, there is the emergence of the field of Digital Marketing and has huge progression.
  • It has brought closer a large number of like-minded people.
  • People are able to express their views and opinions on any topic they like and thus this brings them closer to support or join a particular cause. The best example being the BLACK LIVES MATTER campaign. Even though the scenario happened in America, people from all over the world joined that campaign as people had similar point of view and opinions.

Social Media as a Curse.

  • Social Media has a lot of bad consequences when misused. For example, the spread of misinformation about a particular topic, opinion, or person can harshly impact others’ lives.
  • There have been many incidents of cyber-crimes from time to time. Users sometimes makes and connect to lot of people whom they haven’t met in real life like strangers who can probably sometimes turn into a threat.
  • People Sometimes use social media in order to bully them.
  • Sometimes people get so addicted to these networks that they forget the real world and waste their essential factor of life which is time.
  • People spend many hours of their time on these networks and have a negative impact on health.
  • Social Media is a platform where you can provide views and opinions openly but some people think they have the right to abuse and bully others.
  • As social media has personal information been stored some people hack and steal information. Creating of fake IDs creates real problems nowadays.
  • The business also tasted the side effects. Customers can also post negative reviews and can affect the business at the time of acquiring new and potential customers.
  • The personal life of an individual becomes an open book if a person is really very active on social media.
  • Human interaction has become less and people feel more comfortable and convenient to interact with people.

Once Albert Einstein Said, “I fear the day when technology will suppress human interaction and the world will have a generation of idiots”.

It’s not just the social media every human creation has a positive and negative impact on human life. It’s totally on us how we take things like these and use it in order to benefit ourselves or to misuse it.

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