Yes, you read it right. What if told you that you learn something completely for free of cost. Would you believe me? You will be like hey what nonsense, in 21st Century nothing comes for free. You have to pay a cost to it. that’s what you would say. I totally agree with your point, but what if I tell you that I can suggest you a learning structure totally on the reward-based structure in which you get the entire money you invested get back to you in form of a reward.  Would you believe me?

I know what your first thought would be, is this any kind of scheme I would definitely say a big NO.  You will say hey learning is all about investing be it time, be it energy, or be it money then how come you can tell me that you learned something completely for free of cost. I would say okay wait let me explain to you in brief how this miracle happened.

So, you know how digital marketing has emerged in the last few years. how it has gained greater importance in the market. Right? How digital marketing techniques are challenging traditional marketing techniques. Be it now any kind of business, be it small scale or large scale these businesses are able to invest money in marketing because of digital marketing. Digital Marketing provided the reach with a better return on investment along with better engagement of potential customers at a  very low cost.

I mean that’s the whole idea why digital marketing was invented and its various channels were created in order to serve the purpose.

Today in 2020, Digital Marketing has become one of the most desirable careers for professionals. Nobody a decade ago thought that traditional means of marketing will be challenged with the new era of technology. I mean I really had dreamt of it but wasn’t really sure about it.

So, whenever we learn something we always look for the best teachers or professionals right? Because they are the ones who can guide us to pursue our dream. Be it a professional degree we take, we always opt for the best college in order to get the best education. Likewise, I started learning Digital Marketing with India’s one of the topmost Digital Marketer Deepak Kanakaraju.

Review on Digital Deepak Internship Program | by Bhavesh Suresh Jain | Nov, 2020 | Medium

Deepak Kanakaraju also is known as Digital Deepak Launched a program In December 2019 as Digital Deepak Internship Program where he delivers Digital Marketing Training and mentors them to become future Digital Marketers.  The best thing about this program is you become an Action taker into these 12 weeks and experience each and every element of digital marketing by yourself.

So how does this sound? Great?

You would definitely raise a question that if he is India’s one of the top digital marketer why would he teach anything for free.

Okay, so let me tell you Deepak Sir.

Deepak Kanakaraju - Author Biography

Deepak Kanakaraju a.k.a Digital Deepak is an inspiring Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, Blogger, Trainer, in the field of Digital Marketing. He has more than 10 years of experience in Digital Marketing. He also is a Co-Founder at a company providing digital marketing services to potential clients. He got into Digital Marketing in 2008 when digital marketing was not that popular. He believed and continued his career in this field as he believed that over the next 5-7 years digital marketing is going to be the next big thing in the market. He believed as the technology was advancing Digital Marketing would become an important and most reliable part of any kind of business.

In his initial days, when he just got started, he had a blog called BikeAdvice where he used to review motorcycles and its technology as he was really passionate about bikes. He had more than 1,00,000+ followers for his blog.  He has also worked as digital marketing managers in startup companies than, now big giants of the market like  Exotel, Practo. Instamojo, and Razorpay before he became an entrepreneur.

He also writes, blogs, and provides consultation about digital marketing to businesses.

He believed that him learning digital marketing is never going to be enough so he started mentoring for digital marketing by providing free courses to students and help them develop and nurture their skill into the field of digital marketing by giving them practical assignments which over the period of time will gain experience of how digital marketing world works.

I belong to the sales and marketing industry but I always wanted to get into a field where I can use my creativity, my ideas, my thoughts into such things that it can help the business to grow. That’s what always I wanted to do so.  That’s where I discovered Digital Marketing.

Now to learn digital marketing as I said we always look for the best professionals so that we can get hands-on experience in the field.

I was in Digital Deepak email marketing Funnel back in 2017 when he used to write a lot of blog content and make videos which he still does no doubt but I never took the particular field so seriously and so I got out of his marketing funnel eventually as I started ignoring his emails.  Later I realized maybe I should have taken the field seriously as I saw the growth of digital marketing in the last two years. Somehow I got busy with other work got a 9-5 job and got engaged to it and almost forgot about it. Started having a passive approach to learning because I believed you know now I have the job I should now only focus on earning money my learning phase is gone. I have a permanent job. I don’t need to study now or learn new things.

In 2020,  the pandemic changed the whole scenario, made me realize nothing remains permanent. I became self-aware. I now understood its the right time to do something I always wanted to do and learn but due to some reason I couldn’t.

So I started to analyze myself and started recalling things I always wanted to do as I had a lot of free time back then when the pandemic started. I came across Digital Marketing and suddenly realized that hey I always wanted to learn this. Why didn’t I took this seriously? But nevertheless, it is the right time to do so.

So I began my search for digital marketing courses and started doing specific research. All the courses which I came across were either too cheap which I would have never cared about if I would have taken or too expensive for which I wouldn’t have that much amount to pay. All the courses I came across were very passive learning courses that I wasn’t interested in.

The next day I was scrolling my Facebook feed and came across a Facebook ad: Learn Digital Marketing for free. I thought each and every individual or company is selling something at an X amount why will anyone provide anything for free. Then I saw it was from Deepak Kanakaraju the same guy whom I used to follow in 2017 but somehow got out from his email chain.

So I registered to his link and went to my search engine started researching about him.  Sooner I realized and was astonished how immense Digital Deepak has grown over the years.  I again started reading his content blogs. I somehow decided that I definitely want to learn from him. The reason being believing in him was first I already knew him as I used to follow and second being he is providing an internship where I learn about digital marketing with practical implications that too for free of cost.

Now the first thought that came to my mind was will he select me for his internship program as I did not belong to the same field of digital marketing and I had zero knowledge about the same.

Got a mail from him that I am selected and they have an Induction on so and so date we have to attend it through a zoom call. I was like okay fine.

So on the day of induction, he briefs around 2000+ participants about what is his internship program and how I will learn digital marketing from it even though I being a fresher to the field he said no need for past digital experience is needed as you are going to learn and grasp how digital marketing world works from scratch. This induction was for Batch 4 of the Internship Program. Although I took my admission into Batch 5.

Now when he briefs about the internship program he conveyed how his program focuses more on comprehensive and conceptual learning which will be super active in nature instead of how others have a passive approach. I was really convinced and wanted to join the program. At the end of the session, DD revealed the price of the program and made us understand how he will return the entire amount provided we complete the assignments on time with a 100% approval guarantee.

Now I was a little under-confident about joining the program. I thought maybe I do not want to learn like this or what if i don’t get my money back even though I submitted my assignments. I exited the meeting and started searching for reviews of the internship program. I read so many positive reviews I was overwhelmed when I saw such positive reviews.

But still, as a matter of fact, there was a lack of confidence. So I took the time to take a call on this. In the evening I took a call lets to go for it. I kept one thing in mind even I don’t get my money back it’s an investment to learning that from India’s top digital marketer. So why not.

By the time I went on to registration in the evening, the registration was full. In less than 5 hours more than 500+ students registered. I realized and developed my trust that this has to be something because convincing more than 500 students is not an easy task. So that same evening I write personally to DD stating I want to take admission into Batch 4 what to do your registration link is not working.

I got a polite reply from him that the registration for the particular batch is closed I have to try in the next batch that would release soon.

I had no other option but to wait for the next batch and finally took my admission into Batch 5 of the Digital Deepak Internship Program.

This was the best decision I ever made in the pandemic. I am super delighted and proudly could say that Digital Deepak is my mentor. Honestly, one of the best Mentor I have ever learned under.

Now let me take you through some important pointers that I believed in and was beneficial for me and definitely for you in future whenever you join the program they are :

  1. Comprehensive and conceptual learning of digital marketing from scratch.
  2. Practical Assignment each week to get a hands-on experience of digital marketing as a whole.
  3. The 16-week internship program with proper certification.
  4. Cashback on each assignment in the form of reward. In this way, most of your amount will be returned.
  5. 100% Assignment approval guarantee.
  6. Active learning by completing an assignment with every topic covered.
  7. Assessment of learning at the end of the program to determine the learning from the program.
  8. Certification of Internship post-completion of test and program.

Now these the pointers which I don’t think so any other course would ever provide you. Most of the courses that you buy will either be passive learning without anyone to guide or evaluate or just theoretical videos. If ever they had these features would be highly-priced.

That’s the reason the Digital Deepak Internship Program is a unique investment and value for money program altogether.

So now let me tell you about my experience of the program week wise and how I became an  Action Taker to every topic I learned in the Internship Program.

Week1: Success Mindset

This was the beginning of to change that I was going to develop in myself.  Unlike other programs where they start with online coaching or course by jumping directly on the topic or subject, this course had something unique approach to learning. It taught me how I have to start thinking differently to bring a change and transform myself. It also taught me how I should have a positive mindset and have high standards of thinking. To achieve a milestone you should always dream big and how I can increase productivity by measuring things in my life with balance health and diet.

This week I wrote my first ever article which was my 2.0 version of myself. To be honest I never believed I would create such a version of myself and start my journey keeping that version in mind. I had poor writing skills but you know Deepak sir said one thing in the video that you are never too bad at something which you haven’t tried. You will definitely learn a habit once you start something. In order to reach somewhere, you have to begin today. that’s what motivated me and I wrote my first ever article on which was more than 1000words. Also, I made a mega to-do list in which writing a good content blog like this is was one of the habits I always wanted to develope.

Tools Explored :  Blogger, Blogspot, Medium.

Week 2: Marketing Fundamentals

This was the week where I started learning about marketing and its fundamentals in deep. I explored various corners and channels of marketing. I discovered that it is really important for a marketer to have good communication skills in order to deliver the message to the right person and the right time as the message was intended.  With the development of the internet, I understood the most important difference between the traditional ways of marketing to digital ways of marketing. The CATT funnel and how economics plays an important part in marketing. I learned whenever I create my own business I should be the person who interacts with the customer and not the brand. I learned how it is important to create myself as a personal brand.

For this week I wrote my own version of the topic in more than 2000 words. I still could not believe I could write such big articles at one go. I always thought I will fall short of words if I ever started writing. But when I did it was my mind who started giving me words and sentences to frame because I started reading books and attending such informative lectures. This wouldn’t have had been working if I would have taken any other course which had passive learning. I had to do this assignment because for each assignment i was getting my money back slowly and in a small amount. So this was one of my motivating factors to be an action taker towards my assignment and reward I received a part of my money back as a cashprice.

Isn’t this amazing?

Isn’t this making your learning fun and motivating?

Tools explored:

My second article ever.

Week 3: Discovering a Profitable Niche

This week we were asked to discover a niche I want o to grow in. Be it any field or industry. This niche will determine the future learning of digital marketing and how you will able to market and scale your business. I always wanted to learn digital marketing and develop a career in this field I chose Digital Marketing as a profitable niche as I wanted to pursue a digital marketing agency as my full-time business. I learned how to strategize my profitable niche and become a T shaped marketing expert. I developed a customer avatar to how my potential customer would look like by conducting a short survey.

Tools explored: Google forms for creating Customer Avatar.

Week 4: Creating Your First WordPress Blog.

I always had a perspective to create a website you should know coding. But that wasn’t really true. I could make a website using WordPress really easily. I bought my first ever domain as Digital Flying Point and created my first ever WordPress blog. This made me realize what kind of potential and learning I have.  I also learned how to choose a domain name provider and hosting server in order to have a good WordPress blog.

Tools/ Websites Explored: WordPress, Godaddy, Hostinger, Namecheap, into DNS, Google Analytics, Google Search Console. (Also general plugins required for your WordPress blog.)

Week 5: Becoming the Content King

In this week I learned about the evolution of content marketing. How it was incepted and incubated into digital marketing.  I also learned the power of personal brand in content marketing  How SEO is so important while writing content.

Tip: Before you create any kind of content create a mind map/outline of how and what your content will consist of. It will help you arrange and structure your content in such a way that it is readable for the end-user. It’s a really good practice.

Tools Explored: Created my first ever Content on WordPress Blog, Mind Meister for MindMap, Created my first ever video content for Youtube, Editorial Calendar using Google Sheets.

Week 6: Social Media and Networking Mastery

This week was an eye-opener for me. It changed the entire perspective of social media. Basically, social media provides a platform to create content for the respective owners and not for you. It’s like you are creating content on someone else’s wall.  I had an overview of how social media works and how social media gives higher preferences in terms of search results to paid advertisers. This completely changed the game and made me understand that why having my own website or a blog has now become so important in order to create a brand in the market and also create my own online presence so that the customer land up on my wall.

Tools Explored: Used Zoom for conducting my first live webinar, created a closed group using Facebook, created handles for social media presence of blog across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Week 7: Lead Generation and Email Marketing

In this week i learned about the difference between what is lead and what not is a lead. Also learned how is a lead generated for B2C and B2B. It also had an in-depth knowledge of the ethics of lead generation. CATT funnel of lead generation. I also created my first ever landing page click here and register and get your first free consultation call today.. I also learned how to send automated Emails when anyone registers on my landing page.

We also learned some email marketing hacks but it will be known to you when you join the internship program.

Tools Explored: and Get Prospects for generating email leads, Mailchimp for creating a landing page and sending bulk email together to the leads generated, using Google Mass for sending bulk emails for getting a job in Digital Marketing. Also explored Convert Kit, Sendfox,etc.

Week 8: Mastering Facebook Ads.

As we all know Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms. There are more than 2.3 billions user of Facebook. It is obvious we need to learn how to advertise on Facebook. There are probably two ways to run ads on Facebook. Either boosting the post from the page itself be it video, photo, or carousel.  Or by using Facebook Ads Manager and run properly optimized ads.

We explored the Facebook Ads manager in detail. Learned how to Facebook track activities of the website. Learned What is a Facebook pixel? Understood the Audience on Facebook. Writing ads that convert well.

This was altogether a different experience and point of view towards Facebook. Through this week I majorly understood the otherside of Facebook and how Facebook generates most of the revenue from it.

Tools Explored: Facebook Ads Manager, Facebook.

Week 9: Mastering Google Ads 

Since we have begun our journey to understand ads on the internet. After learning Facebook Ads and how they are optimized. We explored the world of Google ads are optimized and run. I learned the power of search. How is google tracking code placed on our website? I learned and explored the entire Google ads account right from creating an audience to selecting the right keywords for the ad.

I created my first Search, display, and video campaign.

Also learned the importance and value of Google ads in Digital Marketing.

Google gave me immediate results and was really delighted by it.

Tools Explored: Google Ads

Week 10: Search Engine Optimization.

This topic was one of the most awaited topics in this Internship Program. I was really excited about this topic as I really wanted to understand What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and how it works?  It’s given that there are billions on websites available across the internet. To rank the top website there should be some algorithm with Google to determine the top website. I discovered that there are more than 200 criteria to determine these ranking and listing and to date, no one knows the exact list of criteria for listing on page 1 of google search results.

Tools Explored: SEO Tool in WordPress which was Yoast, Google Search Console for indexing website on Google, Ahrefs WebMaster Tool.

Week 11: Deep Marketing 

I am currently on this week. It made me understood how deep marketing is very much required in order to convert the leads into profitable customers. It also teaches how without sales your profit funnel goes for a toss. I discovered various deep marketing tools.  Also understood that sales always existed in the et. But everything changed as soon as the inception of marketing and advertisement in the market. Publications were the somehow creators of marketing and advertisements. It gave a path to spread a sales message across thousands of people at once.

Tools Explored: Email Marketing Tools as Convert Kit, Data Collection Tool as Google Analytics & Search Console, Data Capture tool as Typeform, Integration tool as Zapier, SMS Tool as SMS Horizon, Calling Tool as Obligr, Website messaging tool as Intercom and Optin Chat, Mobile Messaging tool as Telegram.

Week 12: Copywriting.

This week is yet to be released.

Currently, e are on week 11 but as soon as the assignment is released and I go through the video and complete my assignment will update this part.

So this was the entire explanation of how the internship program looks like in detail. I can assure you that no other Digital Marketer could provide you such an intensive and active learning program to explore the world of digital marketing.

The best part and one of the most motivating part is getting rewarded by Cashbacks. This proves that Digital Deepak delivers to what he commits to which no other internship or digital marketer could ever provide.

I would definitely recommend you all to join the next available Digital Deepak Internship Program in order to learn and become Digital Marketer.

Tip: Fees increase with the upcoming batches in order to get this internship at a good price enroll in the earliest batch possible.

How can you apply for Digital Deepak Internship Program?

Here is the link to join the November Batch: Batch 8 Internship Program

Follow him across All social media. He keeps updating regarding the New batch starting for his internship.

I hope you liked my review on Digital Deepak, in case you need any kind of assistance or more information about the program you can comment down the query.

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