Today’s era of the Internet has opened a gate to a vast variety of opportunities for businesses. Using social networks, one cannot only share a private picture of one’s birthday but also earn customers for one’s business and reach them conveniently. The speed and ease with which digital media transmits information and help boost a business is amazing. Digital marketing not only creates your online presence but also helps you grow better.

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What is Digital Marketing?

Any form of marketing activity taking place on a digital platform can be called digital marketing. The process of interacting with your potential customers through various channels with the goal of getting them to do something like buying a product. You are always digitally marketed whenever you come online through emails, ads, media posts, blog posts, etc.

The idea of Digital Marketing is basically to spread brand awareness and generating leads .

Usually, a Digital Marketer is someone who has a clear picture of how each and every campaigns supports outreaching business goals. Usually, these digital marketers focus on Key Performers Indicators – KPI. This KPI gives proper measures of company performances from each channel

Channels of Digital Marketing

  1. Content Writing/Blogging
  2. SEO(Search Engine Optimization
  3. Social Media
  4. Email Marketing
  5. SEM & PPC

Reasons to focus on Digital Marketing in 2020

  1. Reaches people where people spend most of their time and money.

Over 90% of people below 65 years of age at least visit social media once a month. Most of them visit every day. So it always better to market the products where they are already spending their time and money and are already engaged.

  1. Easily compete with a larger corporations.

The Internet has made it easy for startups to compete with larger corporations or businesses. These startups do not have huge advertising budgets in order to create a presence through physical means. Let’s take an example: A company like Starbucks has huge advertising and marketing budgets and when they come into the picture, it is obvious that the local coffee shop started recently will not be able to survive as Starbucks has a huge and overall presence.  So now digital marketing is a ray of hope for such small scale businesses and startup. It allows competition with great exposure with large business audiences with smaller budgets.

  1. Becomes a playing field for small businesses.

So now even small businesses can compete with big businesses and this will totally depend on the techniques and means of digital marketing they use. Also, it provides a proper focus and control over they money they spend on their sales and marketing for generating awareness among their potential  customers.

  1. More Targeted Audience

With Digital marketing you can create highly targeted ads that are highly relevant to your relevant audience and your target market. It helps you engage with the audience more effectively. This engagement with your target audience will help them influence their decision.

  1. It can be highly personalized

The best part of this type of marketing is that you can highly personalize the interaction with your target audiences.  Emails are the best and most appreciated way of interacting with your audience. It is the most effective and most recommended channel in digital marketing. About 70% of consumers prefer businesses reaching them through mail. This gives them a sense of control and makes them more comfortable in subscribing or buying from the business also if they don’t like to receive such mails they can always unsubscribe.

  1. Gives highly Advanced Analytics

When I started my research and learning on digital marketing I came across some proven facts about digital marketing. We can always know about the frequency, and the best time to run a television advertisement but cannot engage our prospect customers immediately. It also cannot tell whether the ad was seen completely or was muted while watching. It also cannot tell at what time it disengaged the viewing audience in traditional means of advertisement. In Digital marketing with the help of analytics tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console you can get appropriate demographics and each and every aspect of information which you will not be able to extract or convert in traditional means.

  1. Easy to Scale and Adapt

Adapting and scaling digital marketing into your business is really easy.  We should always know with any marketing, there is an initial investment to get traffic flowing. It also makes us understand how digital marketing has become so important to small businesses. In Digital Marketing if we need to run for example Google Ads all we need to do is set up the daily budget, select the demographics, and publish the ad for the business. (I will also post a complete blog on how effectively you can run digital ads using Google AdWords, and Facebook / Instagram/Twitter/LinkedIn ads in my future blogs. ) If something is not working you do not have to wait until the ad contract or period gets over. All you need to do is make the changes and re-launch the ads. The best part of using digital marketing is it gives instant results.

  1. It gives a better Return on Investment.

Using digital marketing tools and techniques you will get instant results. Considering the channels of digital marketing, Email marketing is one of the most effective ones. It gives the best return on investment and brings potential customers to a business. Email Marketing is the best conversion machine. But it can also happen when you build your list with quality subscribers. Content Marketing is also another most effective channel it can generate leads 3 times more than half of the traditional means of marketing. And this is not the website traffic they are potential leads for the business. Social Media is an indirect way of approaching potential customers. By an article in Forbes magazine, it says that businesses using social media for approaching their potential customer outsells other business who don’t use social media for their business.

  1. It also gives proper alignment on how people of today’s generation shop.

Now when everything is available online so before approaching or buying a product, the customer always researches the particular business. A prospect always feels before interacting with the business they should know whether the business fulfills the requirement of the buyer. Let’s take an example of a restaurant you plan to visit but before you visit first you will always look for a review online whether it satisfies the demand and requirement. And only then you will decide whether you will go to the place or not. Also nowadays most buying decisions are influence by the reviews and presence of business created online. This has become a habit because most people spend most of their time on the internet, some have even stopped watching traditional means of ads via TVs, newspapers, magazines, etc. In order to stay relevant like this in the market, a business should have a user-friendly website,  Proper optimization of business with good and keywords (SEO), Have at least one social media interaction platform to keep your potential and future customers engaged, solicit reviews and more, also invest in digital ads and reach a relevant audience from time to time.

Traditional V/s Digital Marketing

Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing | Digital Marketing Agency

Traditional means of marketing are nothing but means of marketing which is not present online. This includes advertisements in newspapers, magazines, hoarding, billboards, a television in order to spread marketing messages. The basic difference between traditional marketing v/s digital marketing are as follows:

Cost difference and time: Traditional Marketing is very much costly as compared to digital marketing. It is also time-consuming whereas is less time-consuming. Result time is very much less in digital marketing. It gives instant results which in traditional means takes a lot of time.

Reach: The reach in digital marketing is more as compared to traditional means. The message sent through digital marketing can reach any part of the world through digital means if the message sent is relevant to a potential prospect. Whereas in traditional means the message reaches a limited geographic area in the ad is run for.

The flexibility of Respondents: In digital marketing, user engagement and response is more as compared to traditional means.  A customer seeing a relevant ad can immediately respond with their interest and feedback. Whereas in traditional means the engagement is very less and takes a lot of time to respond.

Digital Marketing is the new future for each and every business to grow. In 2020, due to this coronavirus pandemic each, every business using offline means of marketing adapted the digital means in order to reach their potential customer. It has made it very clear now business in the modern economy needs digital marketing to compete. Also online is where the customers are and these customers also want that you reach them online.

The buyer journey has shifted from offline to online as it provides buyers to look for a product with all important information without any physical interaction which also makes a buyer much more confident and convenient.

The Top influencers you can always check out and get inspired are Neil Patel, Sourav Jain, and Deepak Kanakaraju.

Also, I have created a youtube video specially for this blog explaining the topic in a more detailed and presentation way using a mind map. Don’t forget to drop a like, comment, and subscribe to my youtube channel  for such more informative video which help you develop your own understanding of digital marketing.


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